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Caribbean Music Genres

There are many genres and sub genres of Caribbean music across different languages, which makes it difficult to list all of them while maintaining a complete enough list of tracks, artists, and producers. Instead, we are going to focus on one genre at a time, and will be trying to list the music available as accurately as possible.

There is always room for error, and although we double-check our facts, we can always use some help correcting inaccurate or missing information. These lists will be updated regularly as more information and resources become available. Soon, you will be able to purchase lists with updates for life! We will also offer other solutions for educational and comercial use.
In order to make the most sense out of all the available data, we will provide some background information whenever possible. We will eventually create pages for the most relevant music out there, but this will be done in stages. We will have pages dedicated to each main genre and try to cover them as thoroughly as possible. We also have more music that will be included in these lists as we go.

Reggae Music

Reggae Music Riddim List 1960-1999

Soca Music

Here is a 1982 Soca anthem video that also shows the warmth of the Caribbean. Enjoy while we work on bringing you the Soca Track lists.

Fab 5 - Jamaican Woman - Soca Music