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Boops riddim 1986Boops / Punaany Riddim 1986 – Lloyd 'King Jammy' James Steely Cleevie

263 tracks of pure Dancehall Reggae!! A.K.A. Boops Riddim or Punanny Riddim. Most people in the Reggae scene have heard a song over this riddim before. This is one of those beats that defined Dancehall and brought it to its glory days. You can also listen to samples and purchase the tracks that are linked. 

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Track list:




Admiral Bailey Healthy Body 1986
Admiral Bailey Punaany 1986
Don Angelo Love Feeling 1986
Josey Wales Right Move 1986
Josey Wales Wrong Move 1986
Little John Yes Mama 1986
Pinchers No Borrow Gun 1986
Risto Benjie Gimme Di Money 1986
[Dub] Yes Mama Version 1986
Awright Watch Them 1987
Chakademus & Scarcher Jehovah 1987
Courtney Melody & Ninjaman Protection 1987
Daddy Ants Service Man 1987
Donna P What A Lela 1987
Due Taronomy Waan The Money 1987
Errol Scorcher Clean The Rifle 1987
General Wayne Who Say The Girls 1987
Horseman Super Dad Want A Bubbler 1987
Ivory Slygie Slygie 1987
Jaguar Hairy Bank 1987
Junior Cat Anorexol Body 1987
Lovindeer The Oil 1987
Red Dragon & Flourgon Want Jamaica 1987
Sassafrass & Barry Back Under Jah Jah Rule 1987
Steve Knight Gimi The Sensi 1987
Sugar Minott Heacy And Ready 1987
Wayne Scotch Nuh Tan Wid Him 1987
Chaka Demus Shock Dem 88 1988
Joe Mannix Needle Point Penis 1988
Everton (Plyers) Bonner Whisper In The Dark 1988
Sanchez Greatest Love Of All 2 1988
Thriller U Where My Baby Gone 1988
Charlie Chaplin Nah Go Married 1989
Leroy Smart Good Man In Your Life 1989
Admiral Bailey & Chaka Demus This Is We 1990
Apachie Scratchie Move 1990
Beenie Man Tall Like A Broom 1990
Bunny General Weh Dem A Do 1990
Chris X-Rated Version 1990
Cocoa Tea Sonia Come Back 1990
Colonel Lloydie Hey Lady 1990
Commander Shad My Sound Get Ignorant 1990
Cutty Ranks The Stopper 1990
Daddy Blue Dem Dead 1990
Echo Minott Been Around The World 1990
Ernest Wilson Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay 1990
Everton Chambers Rose Garden 2 1990
Frankie Paul To All The Girls 1990
Freddie McGregor Fever Medley 1990
General Trees Tarzan 1990
Ghost Killing Me Softly 1990
Grindsman Benz Punaany 1990
Jah Thomas Wheel And Turn 1990
Japanese Get Out A Town 1990
Johnny P All Nation Bow 1990
Johnny P Bite Back 1990
Johnny P Body Tune Up 1990
Johnny P Dynamite 1990
King Everald Winner 1990
Little Kirk Sound Of Goodbye 1990
Little Lenny Fragile Buddy 1990
Little Wally & Bird Voice Karate 1990
Michael Palmer & Nicodemus Gangster Role 1990
Nardo Ranks Bad In A Sound Clash 1990
Nigga Mikey Good Ole 1990
Ninjaman Border Clash 1990
Ninjaman Drink And Drive 1990
Richie Stephens Here And Now 1990
Shabba Ranks Ca'an Dun 1990
Shaggy Wonder Wonder Buddy 1990
Singing Melody Flash Back 1990
Singing Melody Killing Me Softly 2 1990
Steve Knight Don't Test We 1990
Tiger Carbon Copy 2 1990
Tinga Stewart There Goes My Sound 1990
Tony Tuff My Sound Is The Best 1990
Tumpa Lion Tight Like A Virgin 1990
[Dub] The Stopper Version 1990
Fondon Irie Sign Off 1992
Junior Cat Killing Pussy 1992
Junior Cat Make A Living 1992
Louie Culture Weapon And Tool 1992
Ninja Kid Request The Long Thing 1992
Powerman She Bruk Body 1992
Sabba Tooth Big Talk And Promise 1992
Sabba Tooth Good Hood 1992
Super C No Kapas 1992
Yellowman Love It 1992
Anthony Malvo Break Up To Make Up 1993
Bounty Killer Glamity And Gumsion 1993
Bounty Killer New Gun 1993
Dirtsman Caan Flop 1993
Earl Sixteen I'm Still Waiting 1993
Franky Sly Grab It Up 1993
Glamour Murphy Skin To Skin 1993
Gussie P G. P. In The Mix - Instrumental 1993
Mad Cobra Tease Dem 2 1993
Mega Banton Wrong Or Right 1993
Mike Anthony All For You 1993
Minor Mackerel U Nuh Good 1993
Tenor Fly Slow Wine 1993
Terror Fabulous Girls Dem Motto 1993
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King Stamina Man 1993
Top Cat Love Mi Sex 1993
Wayne Wonder Dedicated 1993
Wayne Wonder & Spragga Benz Dedicated 1993
Zuruchi Oh No Not My Baby 1993
Frankie Paul & Josey Wales Curfew 1994
Johnny Osbourne Fling Weh De Gun 1994
Alley Cat Yuh Hotta 1996
Beenie Man Girls Dem Sugar 1996
Beenie Man Romie 1996
Beenie Man & Tanto Metro Middle Of The Night 1996
Devonte Dreamy Eyes 1996
Fabian Full A Potential 1996
General B Stand Up 1996
Ghost Because You Love 1996
Harry Toddler Bare Gun 1996
Little Kirk Run To Me 1996
Little Lenny Panic 1996
Maga Banton Not At All 1996
Michael Buckley I Can't Live 1996
Powerman Gal A Call 1996
Ricky General War Dem Preaching 1996
Roundhead Look Good 1996
Snagga Puss Road To France 1996
Ragga Fränkie Eins Und Eins 1999
Amin Brasco Hateful 2000
Anthony B Man And Woman Fi Dance 2000
Bling Dawg Gal Mission 2000
Brooky 5 Do What You Want 2000
Buccaneer Bruk Weh 2000
Capleton Fire Red 2000
Chickey D Sore 2000
Chuck Fender Deh Girl Deh 2000
Danny English Shot Cocky 2000
Elephant Man Pum Pum 2000
Elephant Man & Ward 21 & Harry Toddler & Lexxus Punanny Medley 2000
Harry Toddler Get Yuh Coffin 2000
Little Twitch Rolling 2000
Mr Vegas Chuckie Boo 2000
Murdock War Peg 2 2000
Oscar B Palm Tree 2000
Punaany Allstars Punaany Medley 2000
Risto Benjie Know 2000
Swade Smile Baby 2000
Ward 21 Five A Day 2000
Ward 21 Haters Pt. 2 2000
Wayne Marshall Gimme A Light 2000
[Dub King Jammy] Gal Mission Version 2000
Alozade Crazy World 2004
Beenie Man Pum Pum Christmas 2004
Bugsy Malone Lord Of The Blings 2004
Cecile Love Mi Punaany Bad 2004
Fletcha B Lend Gal Mi Timber 2004
Mr G Nah Go Inform 2004
Mr G Nothing Fi Show 2004
Mr G & Cecile If You Want 2004
Hollow Point The Realest 2004
Mad Anju & Gold Voice Bring It To Me 2004
Ms Thing Baby Boo 2004
Ms Thing Worth My While 2004
Sky Toppa Nuh Tarry 2004
Warrior King Love Is All I Know 2004
Dub Punaany 2004 Version 2004
Alozade Screw Face 2006
Anthony B Jah Jah Pickney 2006
Bounty Killer Cry Till She Cough 2006
Buju Banton Adult Rated 2006
Buju Banton Beat One 2006
Fletcha B Show Dem Yuh Tag 2006
Fletcha B & Goofy Gully Banks 2006
Future Troubles Wrong Hail 2006
Goofy Show Some Style 2006
Hollow Point Dads 2006
Kiprich & Juvenile Dugu Dugu Ting 2006
Mr Easy Bingo 2006
Mr Vegas Key Hole 2006
Queen Ifrica Man Ting 2006
Tony Rebel Behave Yourself 2006
Original African Pop It Off  
Anthony Red Rose Closer Than Friends  
Beenie Man Roll Deep [1]  
Bounty Killer Community Service  
Buju Banton Gal You Body Good  
Bunny General Sound Of The Girls  
Burt Lancaster Nuh Know Fe Wine  
Burt Lancaster One Plus  
Captain Barkey Buff Front  
Charlie Sprang Punny A De Target  
Cobra Workie Workie  
Colin Roach & Wickerman Notice Yu Man 12 Inch  
Conroy Smith Bush Lady  
Courtney Candy Closer Than Just Friends  
Cutty Ranks Grizzle  
D. Jango Niceness Dub Plate In My Hands  
Dawya Ranks Request  
Delroy G Graham Future Sound  
Derrick Irie Me Want Lady  
Derrick Morgan Derricks Medley Pt. 2  
Dillinger Original Belly Full  
Don Angelo Get My Loving  
Don Angelo Nah Touch The Rock  
Don Angelo Try Tes Mi Nuh  
Frankie Paul Tomorrow  
Galaxy P Multiply By Sex  
General Levy World Of Girls  
Gospel Fish Bandy Lug  
Gospel Fish Golden Rule  
Gregory Isaacs Botha Gone A Jail House  
Gregory Isaacs Guilty  
Gregory Peck Sissy  
Gussie P & Sly & Herbie Funky Punany  
Ini Kamoze Me And Mi Gun  
J Twins I'll Always Love You [Adopted]
Jah Thomas Girls Want Money  
Jah Who & Wayne Marshall King Fari Dubplate  
Janet Lee Davis & C J Lewis Ragga A Do It  
Janet Lee Davis & C J Lewis Ragga A Lick  
Joe Mannix Cut Eye, Cut Eye  
Johnny P Bike Back  
Joseph Cotton No Touch The Style  
Junior Cat Bedroom Specie  
Lady Mackerel Rough Girls  
Lady Saw It's All About Cash  
Little Meeki & Daddy Meeki Anything  
Little Twitch Bucket-A-Shit  
Major Mackerel Pretty Looks Done  
Major Worries Babylon Boops  
Major Worries Don Move  
Max Romeo Nothing Takes The Place Of You
Michigan O.P.P.  
Michigan Spin Things Around  
Mikey White Gimme Me Bubbler  
Nardo Ranks Dollars A Do It  
Papa Levi Brooklyn Walk  
Papa Levi To Royal George  
Papa Tullo Hard And Tuff  
Philip Leo I Second That Emotion  
Phillip Fraser Stand By Me 2  
Prince Jazzbo Wild Jazzbo 2  
Risto Benjie Punany John Crow  
Roland Burrell Tonight Is The Night  
Ruff Neck Solid Buddy 12 Inch  
Sean Paul & Mr Vegas Hot Gal Today Remix  
Shabba Ranks Halla Fi Buddy  
Shabba Ranks Needle Eye Pum-Pum  
Shaka Ranks Old Pan Sound 12 Inch  
Singing Melody Killing Me Softly  
Tony Tuff She Got The Stuff  
Top Cat Nah Lef Me Spliff  
Tuffest Yu Safe  
V A Punaany Medley  
Wayne Fire Whe You Get It From  
Wayne Wonder Don't Loose Your Way  
Wayne Wonder Wayne Wonder Will Wait For You
Winsome Greatest Love Of All  
Yellowman I Still Got It  
Dub Gimme Me Bubbler Version
Dub Ragga A Do It Version  
Dub Ragga A Lick Version