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Duck riddim 1987Duck Riddim 1987 – Lloyd ‘King Jammy’ James

With a good assortment of tracks, and an upbeat vibe, this riddim is sure to make people dance, and dance for a long time. Some of these tracks will be considered rarities as this is one of those riddims not that many DJ's know about. Tell us wich song is your favorite in the comments below.


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Track list:




Papa San Style & Fashion 1987
Admiral Bailey Come Pon Top 1988
Admiral Bailey Them Have Fe Wait 1988
Beenie Don Get Up And Rock 1988
Chaka Demus Bad Bad Chaka 1988
Clement Irie Hungry No Laugh 1988
Courtney Melody Pow Pow 1988
Daddy Lizard Dibi Dibi Girl 1988
Flourgon Bounce 1988
Horseman DJ Of The Year 1988
Johnny P Jump And Spread Out 1988
Josey Wales In A The Dance 1988
Josey Wales Stamp Out 1988
King Jammy & Bobby Digital 16 Duck 1988
Lecturer DJ Find Me 1988
Little John In A The Dance 1988
Little Twitch Every DJ Want To Burst 1988
Ninjaman More Reality 1988
Papa San Nah Tek Me Serious 1988
Paul Elliott Poor And Have Not 1988
Pliers Stop That Train 1988
Professor Grizzly & Little Lenny My Shining Star 1988
Spragga Benz & Don Yute Big Bad Gun Hawk 1988
Tiger Work Hard 1988
Charlie Chaplin Charlie In The Party 1989
Lady English & Miss Linda Show Me Respect 1989
Michael Marshall Another For You 1989
Merciless Nuh Fi Pet 1994
Elephant Man Father God Name 1995
Fungy Mr Killer 1995
Turbo Belly Mate Can't Hear 1995
Aidonia March Out 2006
Beenie Man Girl's Cry 2006
Bounty Killer War 2006
Cecile Bruck Out 2006
Devonte Doing The Things 2006
Don Mafia & Beenie Man It's Burning 2006
Flava Unit Want AThugg 2006
Jovi Rockwell Man Tixx 2006
New Kidz Gorilla Warfare 2006
Patchy Goody 2006
Jack Scorpio Dance 2008
New Kingston Band Cross The Border 2008
Little John Inna Di Dance 2009
African Young & Fresh  
Beenie Don Love The Beenie  
Bounty Killer Dead This Time  
Bromwell Almighty Love  
Bruce Lee Dibby Dibby Girl  
Determine Born Pressurerizer  
General Minott Dance An Brag  
Harry Toddler Nozzle In The Air  
Jigsy King Judge The Book  
Lady Junie Pose Side A Man  
Max Wayne Natural Vibes  
Nardo Ranks Public Phone  
Papa Skull Scandal Bag  
Red Dragon Duck  
Red Dragon Matie A Suffer  
Thriller U & Galaxy P Dancing In The Ceiling