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Diseases Riddim 1967Diseases / Mad Mad Riddim 1967 Reggae by Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd

Since 1967, Mad Mad, or Diseases Riddim, has been used by many artists. From Buju to Capleton, to T.O.K and more. You can also listen to samples and buy the tracks that are linked.

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Track list:




Alton Ellis Mad Mad 1967
Genie & Tasha Ladies Answer To Diseases 1981
Johnny Ringo Two Lesbians Hitch 1981
Errol Scorcher Wife & Sweetheart 1982
Michigan & Smiley Diseases 1982
Yellowman & Fathead Mash It Up 1982
Echo Minott Love Problems 1983
Screechie Nice Have To Get Flat 1983
Shinehead Rough And Rugged 1983
Yellowman Zunguzunguguzunguzeng 1983
Daddy Freddy Get Fat 1984
Joe Mannix Mi Gal Mi Ting 1984
Toyan Hot Bubble Gum 1984
Johnny Ringo Bad Boy A Fi Fit 1985
Lord Sassafras Pocomania Jump 1985
Lyrical Bike Style 1985
Woody Noble Bubbling Daddy 1985
Chicken Chest Raggamuffin Selector 1986
Horace Ferguson Jah Order 1986
Lyrical Wabbling Fatty 1986
Ugly Man Fisherman Style 1986
Double Ugly Can't Take The Pressure 1987
Lieutenant Stitchie Labba Labba 1987
Burro Banton Boom Wha Dis 1990
Junior Cat DJ Originator 1990
Junior Wilson 1000 Kiss 1990
Admiral Bailey Mi Gone 1991
Courtney Melody Wrap You Up 1991
Sugar Minott Wake Up 1991
Ian Sweetness If A Sound Boy Dis 1992
Johnny Osbourne 1,000,000 In One 1992
King Kong Me Get Wild 1992
Nerious Joseph No Money 1992
Steely & Clevie & Mafia $$$ Dub [Version / Dub] 1992
Stonewall Jackson Paradise 1992
Anthony Johnson Nah Lick Shot 1994
Charlie Chaplin & Josey Wales The Return 1994
Conroy Smith Praise God 1995
Lady Fabulous Lexus Body 1995
Nardo Ranks Kiss Me Honey 1995
Power Saw Golden Dub 1995
Sluggy Ranks Girls Time Now 1995
Burro Banton Washington Session 1996
Chilla Rinch Feel You So Wicked 1996
Chronicle Three Women In My Life 1996
Cutty Ranks Blood On The Corner 1996
Jack Radics Try Yuh Best 1996
Jigsy King Rudeboy Medley 1996
Jigsy King Shepherd 1996
Junior Reid Jah Is Everything 1996
Terror Fabulous Dem Curse First 1996
Tony Rebel Cool It Down 1996
Turbo Belly Crystal Ball 1996
Beenie Man Don't Diss Me 1997
Marcia Griffiths Evil Men Wife 1997
Merciless You Can Stay Deh 1997
Sanchez Do It For Love 1997
Spragga Benz Gimme The Bible 1997
Burro Banton Attention 1998
Burro Banton Boom Wha Dis 1998
Lukie D Want To go home 2000
Bling Dawg Father To The Dog 2001
Buju Banton Hold Me Tight 2001
Capleton Inna Di Pit 2001
Chicken Mi Can Tell Yuh Dis 2001
Daddy Lizard Going Down 2001
Elephant Man Hot Summer 2001
Leego Good Ganja 2001
Lukie D Down In The Ghetto 2001
Michael Palmer & Anthony B & Terror Fabulous Lick Shot 2001
Bobby Crystal Greatest Inspiration 2002
Brando Be Kind 2002
Ed Robinson You Are A Fool 2002
Fiona Baby 2002
Fiona Come A Little Closer 2002
George Nooks Lonely Night 2002
Half Pint Soul Mate 2002
Jah Mason Listen 2002
Luciano Warning 2002
Lukie D Are You Sure 2002
Michigan & Smiley Jah Lick We 2002
Mikey General Nothing Lasts 2002
Sugar Minott Dem Style 2002
Tristan Palmer Love Each Other 2002
Beres Hammond Kill Dem Again 2005
Chronicle & Daddy Meeky & Little Meeky Dollars Gone 2005
Determine Never Know 2005
DYCR Ants 2005
Elephant Man Praise Selassie 2005
Fantan Mojah Corruption 2005
Flourgon Search No More 2005
Johnny P Crime Stop 2005
Josey Wales Fire Torch 2005
King Kong Trouble Again 2005
Luciano Jah Love 2005
Mikey General Wonderful Works 2005
Perfect For Sure 2005
Powerman Ungrateful 2005
Quench Aid Jah Love 2005
Ripper Jahson Sit And Wonder 2005
Singing Prince My God It's Me Again 2005
Sizzla Righteousness 2005
Sugar Minott Senseless Killing 2005
Thriller U Break Free 2005
Trinity Mongrel City 2005
Willow Wilson Impossible 2005
Admiral Tibett Medley 2006
Anthony B Rasta Drive Dem Crazy 2006
Bunny General Medley 2006
Capleton Believe It 2006
Captain Barkey Medley 2006
Cocoa Tea Medley 2006
George Nooks Medley 2006
Jah Mason Hard Work 2006
Josey Wales Medley 2006
Little John Medley 2006
Lukie D Knocking On My Door 2006
Military Man Medley 2006
Natty King Lead I Home 2006
Pam Hall Medley 2006
Petrol Medley 2006
Pinchers Medley 2006
Prezident Brown Medley 2006
Richie Stephens Medley 2006
Singing Melody Medley 2006
Thriller U Medley 2006
Tommy B Medley 2006
Zippa Ras Medley 2006
Eek-A-Mouse Reggae Music 2007
Elephant Man Peace Again 2007
Linval Thompson & Turbulence Jezebel 2007
Luciano Rock And Come In 2007
Apachie Scratchie Drought  
Apachie Scratchie Ease Squeeze  
Bounty Killer Kill Or Be Killed  
Capleton & Bobby Zaro Gun Hark  
Capleton Somebody  
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Wicked  
Chaka Demus Superlative  
Cocoa Tea After The War  
Cocoa Tea Lost My Sonia  
Culture Stop The Fighting  
Culture Irie Ghetto Rock  
Derrick Irie Nice To Be Good  
Devon Clarke & Yankee B Ganja Man Live On  
Duckman Let God Be Praised  
Early B Get Inna Di Army  
Frankie Paul Your Love Is Amazing  
General Trees Great Jamaican Jockeys  
Grindsman M249  
Half Pint Winsome  
Hell & Fire Where Is That Love  
Ian Sweetness If A Soundboy Dis  
Johnny Clarke Take Heed  
Johnny Osbourne 1.000.000 In One  
Johnny Osbourne Dis A Rub A Dub  
Josey Wales Autobiography  
Josey Wales Gateman  
Josey Wales Leggo Mi Hand  
King Kong Girls Dem Come  
King Kong Man Get Wild  
Little John Say What Yuh Saying  
Louie Culture Dancehall Full Up  
Malibu Champion Bubbler (Puppet On A String)
Michael Palmer Lick Shot  
Nicodemus Boneman Connection  
Pad Anthony Fix Her Business  
Papa San Crutch  
Papa Stag & Jesse Jendau Disaster  
Penny Irie Him Soft  
Peter Metro Green Card  
Powerman Stone  
Rapper Robert & Tippa Lee Come In A The Dance  
Richie Stephens Try Again  
Risto Benjie Gun John Crow  
Roland Burrell Johnny Dollar  
Sanchez Thinking About You  
Shaggy All Virgins  
Sister Nancy Coward Of The Country  
Tenor Saw Golden Hen  
The Positives One Stop Driver  
Tiger Bad Boy Style  
Tony Tuff Can't Run Away From Yourself
Toyan Stylee  
Tristan Palmer Rambo Mi Tuff  
Tristan Palmer Spliff Tail  
Tulloch T Run Him  
Yankee B Live By The Gun  
Yellowman Soldier Takeover