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Answer riddim 1967Answer / Never let go Riddim 1967 by Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd

Another huge track list that includes 330 tracks from 1967 to present. Check out this riddim. You can also listen to samples abd purchase the tracks that are linken whithin the track list. Comment below with your favorite songs to be included in the playlists.

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Slim Smith & The Uniques I'll Never Let You Go 1967
Dillinger Answer My Question 1973
Jah Thomas Landlord 1978
Ranking Joe Milkman Coming 1978
Rod Taylor Look Before You Leap 1979
Al Campbell Turn Me Loose 1980
Jah Thomas Happy Birthday To You 1981
Trinity Borrow Clothes 1981
Brigadier Jerry Pain 1982
Burro Banton MC Peggy 1982
Earl Cunningham I Want My Pay 1982
Jah Wayne & Johnny Gambling 1982
Junior Vibes The Man In Me 1982
Nicodemus Wake Up Little Suzie 1982
Peter Ranking & General Lucky Easies And Squeezes 1982
Sister Nancy Transport Connection 1982
U Mike Loving Galore 1982
Welton Irie Herb Farm 1982
Yellowman Body Move 1982
Beenie Man Girls Nowaday 1983
Early B A Trip to Mexico 1983
Johnny Clarke Be Like A Soldier 1983
Joseph Cotton Price A Move 1983
Josey Wales Kingston Hot 1983
Junior Ranking & Finnigan Give A Hand 1983
Lady Ann Crazy Boy 1983
Lady Ann One Out Of Many Connections 1983
Peter Metro Calypso Calypso 1983
Toyan Creamy Corner 1983
Yellowman & Fathead Top Form 1983
Al Campbell & Little John Mash It Already 1984
Anthony Johnson Sitting In The Park 1984
Brigadier Jerry Jamaica Jamaica 1984
Early B Bicycle Bicyle 1984
Early B History Of Jamaica 1984
Jah Screw Trash & Ready 1984
Lady Ann In My Love Life 1984
Little John Say What You Saying 1984
Pablo Knomo Wicked Murderers 1984
Pad Anthony See Them A Come 1984
Paul Blake & The Bloodfire Posse Rub A Dub Soldier 1984
Sister Carol Free Food Ticket 1984
Smiley Culture Police Officer 1984
Sugar Minott Riddim 1984
Super Cat Vineyard Party 1984
Super Cat Walk A Thon 1984
Toyan Spin Your Roll 1984
Toyan Treat The Dread Right 1984
Delroy Melody Bus Shot 1985
General Trees Grandfather Rock 1985
General Trees Heart Mind And Soul 1985
General Trees Mi Teeth 1985
Johnny Ringo Jamaica Jamaica 1985
Little John Hook On The Crook 1985
Lord Sassafras Abc 1985
Lyrical Aids A Tek Over 1985
Anthony Redrose Sandy 1986
Anthony Redrose True Love 1986
Colonel Lloyde Mother Long Tongue 1986
Jah Screw Trash And Ready 1986
Papa San True God 1986
Yellowman To The Bump 1986
Half Pint No Man Is An Island 1987
Pinchers Lift It Up Again 1987
Sugar B Chain Crazy 1987
Tiger No Puppy Love 1987
Dillinger Duppy Boasty 1988
Double Ugly Honda Accord 1988
Charlie Chaplin Freedom 1989
Junior Reid Great Train Robbery 1990
Ninja T & Delly Ranks Sound Boy General 1990
Fragga Ranks Di Door Lock 1991
Yellowman Never Gonna Let You Go 1991
Sammy Dread You I Love 1992
Anthony Redrose Head Back Nuh Careless 1993
Baja Jedd Dollars 1993
Bounty Killer Spy Fi Die 1993
Buju Banton No Respect 1993
Burro Banton Going Home 1993
Frankie Paul Dancehall Ruler 1993
General Degree Rude Boy 1993
Gold Dust Salute To Mi Gun 1993
Grindsman Rude Bwoy No Powder 1993
Jigsy King Don't Know 1993
Junior Cat Make Gun 1993
Little Twitch Nuh hot Like We 1993
Louie Culture One Man Army / Killing People 1993
Macedon Man A Man 1993
Marcia Griffiths I Shall Sing 1993
Ninja Kid Hit Man 1993
Pancho Good Loving 1993
Panhead Poor People Government 1993
Peter Metro Nah Watch Nuttn 1993
Pinchers She Done Cross Dem Bridge 1993
Roundhead Man Get Shot 1993
Ruddy Irie Over Ruddy 1993
Shaw Banton Sissy 1993
Spragga Benz Dollars Talk 1993
Trouble Sound Boy Burial 1993
Turbo Belly Hot Like Fire Side 1993
Yami Bolo Free Africa 1993
Yellowman Help 1993
African Shooting Fi Stop 1994
Barrington Levy Foundation 1994
Beenie Man Tea Time 1994
Beenie Man Wicked Man 1994
Boom Dandimite Mass Murderer 1994
Bounty Killer & Boom Dandimite Powers Youth 1994
Charlie Chaplin Flatty 1994
Daddy Screw You Must be Maniac 1994
Dennis Brown Rock And Roll Lady 1994
Galaxy P Wow 1994
Lieutenant Stitchie Lulu Belle 1994
Linval Thompson Ready Fi Dem 1994
Mad Cobra Mark 10 1994
Major Christie Someone To Hold 1994
Pancho Wine Up Yu Body 1994
Papa San Stabbing In The Back 1994
Papa San Title 1994
Richie Stephens How Deep Is Your Love 1994
Sanchez Groove Me 1994
Spragga Benz Mark Death 1994
Conroy Smith One Day 1995
Conroy Smith Sexy Lady 1995
Anthony Shakes & Powerman Brown Skin Girl 1996
Beenie Man One Big Road 1996
Micky Fabulous & Tyrical Render Back Some Assistance 1996
Al Campbell Turn Me Loose 1998
Anthony Malvo & Delly Ranks Hype 1998
Anthony Redrose & Natural Black Leader 1998
Anthony Shakes & Peter Metro I Need The Answer 1998
Beenie Man & Ghost Amazing 1998
Bounty Killer Tempt Mi 1998
Elephant Man Informer 1998
Future Troubles Don't Dis 1998
Future Troubles Gangster Anthem 1998
General B Who U Gonna Call 1998
Grandsman Ganja Bonanza 1998
Harry Toddler Long Time 1998
Joseph Cotton One By One 1998
Merciless Button Press 1998
Mr Vegas Nuh Easy 1998
Natural Black & Super Black Herb Is The Healing 1998
Puddy Roots & John Wayne best Friend 1998
Richie Spice & Snatcha Dog Deliver Me 1998
Sean Paul Don't Test Jah Jah 1998
Simpleton Weed 1998
Anthony Shakes & Simpleton Black Woman 1999
Chrisinti & Culture Y King Selassie I Border 1999
Al Jones Play On Selector 2000
Carlton Livingston Ram Jam Session 2000
Jah Thomas Bad Mind And Grudgefull 2000
Burro Banton Settle Yourself 2001
Chronicle Give A Little Love 2001
Conroy Smith I Feel In Love 2001
Don Carlos I'm Not Givin Up 2001
Don Carlos & Norris Man The Heat Is On 2001
Elephant Man The Anthem 2001
Freddie McGregor Dance Nice 2001
George Nooks Let Me Be 2001
Gringo Times Hard 2001
Half Pint She's Fever 2001
Junior Demus More Love 2001
Junior Kelly Ghetto Region 2001
Lady Ann Don't Wanna Be 2001
Nicodemus Keep'n A Dance 2001
Pad Anthony Where Is The Love 2001
Anthony B Global Awareness 2002
Beenie Man Nah Stoop Low 2002
Beenie Man Too Bad Mind 2002
Bling Dawg Super Gun 2002
Capleton Punchline 2002
Captain Barkey No More Friend 2002
Gregory Isaacs Why Is My Baby Going 2002
Jahmel Just A Little Herb 2002
Leroy Smart Private Line 2002
Mad Cobra Dig Up 2002
Terror Fabulous Short At The Blessing 2002
Tony Curtis Met This Little Girl 2002
Anthony B & Mikey General Empress 2003
Anthony Cruz Quality Time 2003
Luciano African Woman 2003
Powerman Years Wi Have Wi Ratings 2003
Quench Aid Broken Hearted 2003
Sizzla World Need Love 2004
Capleton Burn Them Up 2005
Jah Cure Feel Like 2005
Polkadot I Arrived 2005
Al Campbell Turn Me Loose  
Andy Williams Give Me A Try  
Anthony Johnson Never Let You Go  
Anthony Malvo Oh Glad I Am  
Band Answer Me Question  
Barrington Levy Like A Soldier  
Beenie Man Cross The Bridge  
Beenie Man Fassy Try Fi Dis  
Beenie Man & Courtney Melody You Body Good  
Bloodfire Posse Rub-A-Dub Soldier  
Boom Dandimite Gun A Buss Ya So  
Brigadier Jerry Jah Jah You  
Burro Banton Gal A U Dat  
Burro Banton Non Stop  
Capleton Hard To Believe  
Carlton Livingston Your Loving  
Charlie Chaplin Afraid Of You  
Charlie Chaplin DJ A Dance  
Charlie Chaplin Free Africa  
Charlie Chaplin Nobodies Child  
Chrisinti Righteousness  
Christopher Lee Mama Feel Weak  
Chuckleberry My Sound Rule  
Clint Eastwood & General Saint Banana Walk  
Cocoa Tea Jah Made Them That Way  
Colourman Reggae Warning  
Conroy Smith We Can Have Love  
Cornell Campbell I'll Never Let Go  
Courtney Melody & Sheriff Only Sixteen  
Cujo Ranks Gal Dem Love Us  
Daddy Freddy My Granny  
Daddy Freddy She Bran New  
Danny English Make Some Noise  
De-Andrew True Jamaica  
Delton Screechy Answer My Question  
Dennis Brown Can't stand It  
Dennis Brown I Can't Stand It  
Derrick Irie Woman A God Bless  
Don Evans Lately I Found Out  
Dub Specialist Dub Is The Answer  
Earl Sixteen Batman & Robin  
Earl Sixteen Slave  
Earl Sixteen The In Thing Now  
Early B DJ Pattern  
Echo Minott Cool And Deadly  
Echo Minott Mr Farmer Man  
Eek-A-Mouse A Wha Do Dem  
Errol Scorcher Wah Fe Hold Dem  
Frankie Jones Rockin Jammin  
Frankie Paul Closer I Get To You  
Frankie Paul Two Timer  
Galaxy P Heads Up  
General Degree You Look Good  
General Trees Serious Thing  
Horace Andy Jah Love Light  
Horace Ferguson Fever  
Hugh Griffiths So Much Things To Say  
Jackie Chang & Silver Fox Karate  
Jah Batta Ten To Seven  
Jah Mason Fire  
Jah Screechy Walk And Skank  
Jah Thomas New Dress Style  
Jim Brown Calypso, Calypso  
Jim Brown In Time  
Joseph Cotton King Selassie I Live  
Josey Wales It Have Fe Sail  
Josey Wales Walking Hustler  
Junior Brammer A You  
Junior Brammer Fire Muss Tail  
Junior Cat Who So Ever Will May Come  
Junior Moore I Need High Grade  
Junior Reid Rub A Dubbing  
Junior Reid She's A Regular  
Junior Reid Signs And Wonders  
King Rolex Hard Road  
Kirkland Ace Oh Baby No  
Lady Ann Heroes Connection  
Lady G Too Much Violence  
Lee Perry One God In Space  
Leroy Smart Girl You Got Me Going  
Lieutenant Stitchie Special Gift  
Linval Thompson Can't Stop Me Again  
Little John A Promise  
Little John Look How They Work Us  
Little John What Is Catty  
Lone Ranger The Answer  
Lone Ranger World War One  
Lovindeer Don't Bend Down  
Mad Cobra Leggo From Bout Yah  
Mad Cobra Mack 10  
Major Mackerel Duttle Bungle  
Marcia Griffiths Cry No More  
Massive Horns Merrie Melodies  
Michael Buckley Dance Gate  
Michael Prophet Come And Dance  
Michigan & Smiley Black Awareness  
Mikey Jarrett Rich  
Mikey Jarrett Sadat  
Mikey Mercian Bad Bad Feelings  
Ninjaman Blood Hound  
Pad Anthony Loving You  
Papa Tollo International Posse  
Patrick Andy Cowhorn Chalice  
Peter Metro & Tanto Metro Can Tan Ya So  
Peter Metro Dance In Africa  
Peter Metro & Zu Zu In The Army  
Peter Metro Police In Jamaica  
Philip Fanna Block Out  
Phillip Fraser Never Let Go  
Pinchers Easy Does It  
Pinchers Hypocritical Mind  
Power Matic Highway Mix  
Powerman Fedz  
Prince Psalms Cool And Deadly  
Professor Grizzly Hero  
Professor Major Profie Nuh Ramp  
Professor Nuts Radication  
Ranking Joe & Hugh Griffiths Aquarius  
Ranking Trevor Answer Me Question  
Reggie Stepper One Grand A Day  
Reverent Dread I Them A Rip And Run Off  
Ringo Lindo It's A Shame  
Risto Benjie God In A Me Heart  
Sammy Dread & Toyan Natty Step It In Tracks And So  
Sanchez Take Your Time  
Sizzla In My Thoughts  
Smiley Culture Police Officer  
Smiley Culture Slam Bam  
Sugar Minott One Sunday Morning  
Sugar Minott Rock Of Ages  
Super Cat Bass And Treble  
Super Cat History  
Terror Fabulous Run Come  
Terry Ganzie Interview  
Thriller U Save The Best  
Tristan Palmer All My Girls  
Willie Williams Keep On Moving  
Winston Reedy Sensimilla  
Yankee Send Threat  
Yellowman Crying Time  
Yellowman Lightning & Thunder  
Yellowman Top Form