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Real Rock RiddimReal Rock Riddim 1967 by Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd

This Massive track list includes over 350 tracks from 1967 to present. This mellow riddim has allowed a lot of artists to make it their own. You can listen to samples and buy the songs that are linked in the track list.

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Sound Dimension Real Rock 1968
Augustus Pablo El Rockers 1972
Dillinger Fountain On The Mountain 1975
Vin Gordon & The Upsetters Fly Away 1975
Dennis Brown Stop The Fussing And Fighting 1978
Horace Andy If I Wasn't A Man 1978
Tappa Zukie Tapper Roots 1978
Archie & Lynn Rat In The Center 1979
Barrington Levy Looking My Love 1979
Barrington Levy Money Make Friends 1979
Dennis Brown Stop the Fussing And Fighting 1979
Horace Andy Jah Provide 1979
Joe Tex & U Black Friday Evening 1979
Junior Murvin Cool Out Son 1979
Badoo Kinarky 1980
Errol Scorcher Girls Be Careful 1980
Errol Scorcher Roach In The Corner 1980
Errol Scorcher Roach In The Toilet 1980
Jah Thomas Dance Pon The Corner 1980
Phillip Fraser Blood Of The Saint 1981
Rod Taylor The Prophets Rise Again 1981
Welton Irie Tan Teddy Little Gal 1981
Dingles Woman Under Heavy Load 1982
Johnny Osbourne Lend Me Your Chopper 1982
Simple Simon Life In The Ghetto 1982
Eek-A-Mouse Anerexol 1984
Junior Reid Haul And Pull Up 1984
Phillip Fraser & Yvonne Sterling Forever My Darling 1984
Simple Simon Obey Your Mother And Father 1984
Toyan Ram Dance Master 1984
Asher Senator Jah Me Right 1985
Johnny Ringo History Of Jamaica 1985
Little John Shock Out 1985
Lord Sassafras Blasted Man 1985
Sugar Minott Mass Mi Mass 1985
Admiral Tibett Chase Them Jah 1986
Al Campbell Can't Hold We 1986
Eccleton Jarrett More Rub A Dub 1986
Junior Murvin Dancehall Girls 1986
King Kong Moving To The Top 1986
Pad Anthony Serious Thing 1986
Anthony Redrose This Time Will Be Sweeter 1987
Charlie Chaplin Labrish 1987
Charlie Chaplin Respect Due 1987
Chuck Turner Bubbling 1987
Delroy Melody Movie Star 1987
Gregory Isaacs Give Love A Try 1987
Malibu Everybody Needs Love 1987
Sanchez All Over Him 1987
Carlton Livingston Tell Me How You Want It 1988
Clement Irie Live Good 1988
Cocoa Tea Love Me Truly 1988
Cornell Campbell Walk Right In 1988
Daddy Lizard Run Your Love 1988
Flourgon Rich And Switch (Nah Go Switch) 1988
Flourgon & Shabba Ranks Shock Out 1988
Little John Now Me Come 1988
Michael Rutherford Homely Girl 1988
Ninja Ford Gun Back Out 1988
Pad Anthony Shake Them Down 1988
Shabba Ranks Hard & Stiff 1988
Steely & Clevie Real Version [Version / Dub] 1988
Steely & Clevie Rock Version [Version / Dub] 1988
Trevor Sparks I'm Ready To Go 1988
Wayne Wonder Forever Young 1988
Admiral Bailey You Can Do It 1989
Bingy General Stick It Up 1989
Johnny Osbourne Dance Nice Again 1989
Courtney Melody Good Lover 1990
Wayne Fire The Return 1990
Colin Sampson Trying To Conquer Me 1991
Mad Cobra Pump It Up 1991
Peter Metro Bad Boy Skank 1991
Pliers Drum Pan Sound 1991
Ronnie Thwaites Mr Luxury 1991
General TK If Yuh No Like We 1992
General TK We Nuh Borrow Gun 1992
Gregory Peck Informer 1992
Johnny Osbourne No Ice Cream Sound 1992
Mad Cobra See And No Talk 1992
Nicodemus Bonanza 1992
Ninjaman Pastor Man 1992
Papa San Unuh Fe Cool 1992
Red Dragon Good Hole College 1992
Tony Tuff In This Love Together 1992
Yoruba Too Much Gun Talk 1992
Admiral Tibett Stop It Now 1993
Cocoa Tea She Loves Me Now 1993
Frankie Paul Give You My All 1993
Ghost Run To You 1993
Gregory Isaacs Make Me Prosper 1993
Louie Culture Rudie Don't Care 1993
Mega Banton Sound Boy Killing 1993
Mighty Diamonds Screechie Cross The Border 1993
Sanchez If I Ever Fall In Love 1993
Terror Fabulous Drop It Cool 1993
Barrington Levy Looking My Love 1994
Charlie Chaplin & Josey Wales Swing Low 1994
Gregory Isaacs Yush 1994
Jah Mikey It's Of The Pass 1994
Josey Wales Gal Tek Care A Yuh Man 1994
Junior Cat Drugs White 1994
Junior Demus Son Of A Gun 1994
Leroy Smart Bad Boy Learn 1994
Luciano & General Pecos Forward To Africa 1994
Massive Dread Action 1994
Sister Nancy Ram Dance Daughter 1994
Super Cat Too Greedy 1994
Terror Fabulous Good Looks 1994
U Brown Bits Of Paper 1994
Yami Bolo & Charlie Chaplin & Jack Radics & Josey Wales Do Good 1994
Barrington Levy & Cutty Ranks Looking My Love 1995
Frankie Paul Sorry To Say I Am Sorry 1995
Jack Radics Unchained Melody 1995
Little Kirk No Ordinary Love 1995
Contracter Fight The Herb 1996
Snow Mash Up Da Nation 1996
Fred Locks Black Star Liner 1998
Joseph Cotton Religion 1998
Anthony Redrose & Don Carlos Idle Minds 1999
Antonio To Know Her 1999
Delly Ranks Pan Me Wall 1999
Conroy Brown Opressors 2000
Jesse Proverbs Reaction 2000
KC Jockey Hail King Selassie Nonstop 2000
Naptali B We Want Di Peace 2000
Anthony B & Doniki Break Free 2002
Anthony Cruz Baby Come Back 2002
Capleton Take The Veil From Your Eyes 2002
George Nooks Good Man 2002
L.M.S. Shine Like A Star 2002
Little John Pack Up Your Sound 2002
Mountain Lion & Raggaton Property 2002
Mountain Lion Sweet Lady 2002
Natural Black Get Me Mad 2002
Ninjaman Run The Country 2002
Sizzla Keep In Touch 2002
Anthony B Bad Mind 2003
Anthony B No Par With 2003
Lutan Fyah Brillant 2003
Michael Rose Kill Off The President 2003
Michigan & Willie Williams Armageddeon 2003
Pampi Judah Stay Away 2003
Singing Melody My Blue Band 2003
Tanya Stephens You Don't Know 2003
Tristan Palmer Dance Style 2003
Basque Dub Foundation Melodica Rock 2004
Bobby Blue Open Up 2004
Chuck Turner Culture Rule 2004
Johnny Osbourne & Wayne Smith Conscious Anthem 2004
Junior Cat Love Jah And Live 2004
Robert Lee Come Now 2004
Robert Lee Time 2004
Uman Body Bags 2004
Zoot Simms a.k.a. Scully See Dem A Come 2004
Aisha Ice You Make Me Feel 2005
Ann Shakes Miss Catch Eye 2005
Anthony B Out A Road 2005
Anthony Cruz No Gun A Dance 2005
Bascom X My Love For Life 2005
Blue Bells Brothers And Sisters 2005
Blue Bells Time Of The Best 2005
Bounty Killer Roots Reality 2005
Candy Treat Her Right 2005
Christopher Let Me Love You 2005
Chuck Fender Rasta 2005
Conrad Crystal & Sugar Roy Gwaan So Man 2005
Cush Hunter You Don't Have To Kill 2005
14K Gimme Di Beat 2005
Daville Tell Me Again 2005
Elephant Man Chapter A Day 2005
Frisco Kid I See Dem 2005
Galaxy P No Job 2005
General B & Mitch All We Hear A Murder 2005
Ginja Damn Girl 2005
Goofy Gangsta 2005
Hawkeye Thiefing Bwoy 2005
Hit List Unite 2005
Junior Lion Black Roses In The Garden 2005
L.M.S. Wine Wine 2005
Lutan Fyah Story Come Up To Bump 2005
Mega Banton My Sound Champion 2005
Mr Easy Tenderly 2005
Nitty Kutchie Let Me Love You 2005
Perfect My Herbs 2005
Powerman Crime And Violence 2005
Ras Myrdhak Nutten Nuh Sure 2005
Richie Spice We Need Love 2005
Ricky Ticky Road Is Ruff 2005
Sasha Don't Bother Me 2005
Singer J Shout It Out 2005
Stretch What Goes Around 2005
The Blackstones Don't Chuck Badness 2005
Turbulence & Higher Trod Family Burning Dem 2005
Turbulence Don't Trust A Soul 2005
Megga Star Look How Them Clean 2006
Turbulence Too jealous 2006
Chuck Turner Culture Rule 2008
Johnny Osbourne Conscious Anthem 2008
Paula Clarke No Parking On The Dance Floor 2008
Robert Lee Time 2008
Admiral Tibett Hang Dem  
Anthony Johnson Oh Jah  
Augustus Pablo Rockers Rock  
Banana Man Oh Girl  
Banana Man Rough Neck Sound Killer  
Barrington Levy Get Up Stand Up  
Beres Hammond I Could Beat Myself  
Black Mice Praise The Emperor  
Born Jamericans Boom Shak A Tack  
Bounty Killer Roots Reality And Culture  
Bunny Lion Bubble We A Bubble  
Captain Kenterious It Is A Must  
Carlton Livingston Don't Push Your Luck  
Cassette & Tape Cool Out Sound  
Charlie Chaplin Exploiting  
Charlie Chaplin Weeping And Wailing  
Chicken Chest & Little Wayne Let Off Sup'm  
Chronicle Chronic Man  
Chuck Turner Can't Test Me  
Cocoa Tea Rocking Dolly  
Conroy Smith Come Again  
Conroy Smith Greatest Sound Of All  
Conroy Smith Last Ride  
Courtney Melody Stop It  
Cutty Ranks No Bad Mind  
Daddy Boastin The Ghetto  
Dean Fraser Big Up  
Dennis Brown Time To Unite  
Dennis Brown Together Brothers  
Derrick Parker Jah The Field Marshall  
Dillinger & Jah Bible No Promise  
Dillinger No Promises  
Dirtsman Stand Out  
Don Carlos Ababa John I  
Don Carlos Moving On Creation  
Dr Ring Ding Rudeboy Style  
Earl Sixteen Old Time Music  
Ed Robinson Solid Me Solid  
Everton Blender Gold Finger  
Fondon Irie U Body Ready  
Frankie Paul Dem A Go Feel It  
General Degree Off Balance  
General Echo She Have A Pair Of Headlamp Breasts
General Levy New Dimension  
George Nooks Moses  
Gregory Peck False Sound  
Half Pint Christmas Vibes  
Hopeton Lewis Spanish Harlem  
Horace Ferguson Nah Run  
Hugh Griffiths Let Me Be  
Hugh Griffiths So Long  
Hugh Mundell False Rumour  
Hugh Mundell One Jah One Aim One Destiny  
I Roy Pluto Back Get Ruff  
Ignorance Done With The Whole A Dem  
Jackie Mittoo Mash Down Babylon  
Jah Bible Read Up Jah Bible  
Jah Levi False Rumour  
Jah T El Rockers  
Jah Thomas New Style  
Japanese Tickirated  
John Wayne You Too Greedy  
Johnny Osbourne Lend Me Your Sixteen  
Johnny P Dem Get Mi Mad  
Johnny P Hotel  
Johnny Ringo Hotel  
Joseph Cotton Here Comes Rasta  
Josey Wales Nuffy Nuffy  
Josey Wales Yu Too Greedy  
Junior Brammer Them A Mix Up  
Junior Jazz My Turn  
Junior Reid You Keep Telling Me  
Ken Boothe Luck Hitting Me  
King Everald Hand Them  
King Everald Hang Dem  
King Jammy Round 6  
Lesley Lyrics Blind Date  
Linval Thompson Can't Stop Natty Dread  
Lisa Dainjah Things Change  
Little Lenny What A Thing  
Little Twitch Talking Twitch  
Lloyd Parks Ain't Too proud To Beg  
Lone Ranger You Too Greedy  
Luciano Back To Africa  
Macka B Gentleman With Manners  
Mad Cobra Fresh  
Major Sam Nuh No Fruit  
Major Worries Product Of Jamaica  
Mark Wonder Jah Guide I  
Messer Banzani Vagabond  
Michael Palmer Gunshot A Buss  
Michael Rose Kill Off The President  
Michigan & Smiley Nice Up The Dance  
Mikey Jarrett Get Your Green Card  
Mikey Melody My Love  
Mr Pants Bow Cat  
Nardo Ranks Struggle  
Nitty Gritty Letting Off Stream  
Pad Anthony Bum Bastick  
Pad Anthony Rock It Over Here  
Pad Anthony The Bomb  
Panhead To Live Poor is A Crime  
Peter Metro Join The Army  
Peter Ranking Beach Party  
Pinchers Babylon Guy  
Pinchers Borderline (Enemies)  
Pinchers Hackle Me Body  
Pinchers Idiot Sound Boy  
Pinchers Original Lyrics  
Prezident Brown Animal Mentality  
Prince Allah Boss Man  
Ranking Dread Killburn Lane  
Ranking Trevor A So Me Chat  
Ras Fraser Jr. No Escape  
Red Dragon Crotches  
Reggie Stepper Modelling  
Ricky General Think A Big Sound  
Rising Son Out On The Job  
Ronnie Thwaites Moonshine  
Sanchez Fever  
Shinehead The Real Rock  
Singing Melody My Blues Band  
Singing Sweet All I Know  
Sluggy Ranks Ghetto Youth Bust  
Smiley Culture Cockney Translation  
Sound Dimension Real Rock [Version / Dub]  
Spider No Seasoned Spliff  
Sugar Minott Wicked A Go Feel It  
Tamlins Love All The Way  
Tappa Zukie Dance Around The Sound  
Tenor Saw Eeni Meeni Mo  
Terror Fabulous & Gary Minott Yaga Yaga  
Terry Ganzie Rainy Night  
The Silvertones Bad Boy Bad Boy  
The Soul Vendors Real Dub  
Tony Curtis Love Should Brought You Home  
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King My Sound A Murder  
Turbulence They Must Go Down  
Tyrone Taylor Unchained Melody  
U Brown Praise Jah Jah  
Wayne Wonder It Hurts  
Welton Irie Nice Up The Dance  
Willie Williams Amagideon Time  
Winsome Reminisce  
Winston Hussey Burning Fire  
Yami Bolo Isn't She Lovely  
Yellowman Too Greedy