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Satta Massagana riddim 1971Satta Massagana Riddim 1969 - by Bernard Collins

Massive Reggae Roots riddim by Bernard Collins. This track list includes 139 songs. Epic bingi drum line. Very powerful music all around. You can also listen to samples and purchase the songs that are linked within the track list.

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Abyssinians Satta Massagana 1969
Abyssinians Mabrak 1971
Prince Buster Satta Massa Ganna 1972
Big Youth Give Praises 1973
Peter Tosh Here Comes The Judge 1973
Big Joe In The Ghetto 1974
Leroy Smart & I-Roy Jah Is My Light 1974
[Dub Keith Hudson] Satia 1974
I-Roy Satta Massaganna 1976
Jah Lloyd Sata 1976
Johnny Clarke Satta-Amasa-Gana 1976
Jah Scotchie Man Of Creation 1977
Abyssinians Satta Massagana 1978
Ranking Trevor Chanting Home 1978
Tappa Zukie Satta 1978
Norris Reid Give Jah Praise 1979
Leroy Smart Jah Light 1980
Prince Far I Deck Of Life 1980
Nicodemus P.T. 109 1986
Nitty Gritty Down In The Ghetto 1986
Charlie Chaplin Promise Land 1992
Glen Ricks For All We Know 1992
Jah Woosh Sattamasagana 1992
[Dub Jah Woosh] Satta Dub 1992
Tony Tuff credited as Tony Tough Cool It 1993
Anthony B Dreader Than Dread 1997
Determine & Bernard Collins Satta Massagana 1997
Everton Blender Waan Guh Home 1997
Gary Minott They Lie 1997
Major Sample Repatriation 1997
Paul Elliott Look Over Me Oh Jah 1997
Santana Until There Is Justice 1997
Admiral Tibet To Jah I Pray 1997
Bobby 'Digital' Dixon Satta In Dub Style 1997
Capleton Raggy Road 1997
Cocoa Tea Wicked Man 1997
DYCR A Mi 1997
Eddie Fitzroy Tough Luck 1997
Jimmy Riley Love Unlimited 1997
Lupa Babylon Brutality 1997
Morgan Heritage Live Up 1997
Norris Man Hail Jah Jah 1997
Shabba Ranks So Jah Say 1997
Sizzla One Away 1997
The Dread Love Jah 1997
Tony Rebel Bruck It Down 1997
Yasus Afari Black Heart Man 1997
Screwdriver God And King 1998
Yami Bolo Jah Mystic 1998
Dennis Brown It Is A Fact 1999
Anthony B Good And Bad 2004
Anthony B Good And Bad 2004
Bongo Herman Thunder Storm 2004
Capleton Dislocate 2004
Capleton Dislocate 2004
Courtney Melody Armageddon 2004
Dean Fraser Dahinta Dimts 2004
Ernest Ranglin Ranglin Satta 2004
I Bo I Bo Man 2004
Jahmali Corner Stone 2004
Jahmali Corner Stone 2004
Luciano Man Of Jah Order 2004
Mikey Hanson Axum 2004
Natural Black It's A Joy 2004
Natural Black It's A Joy 2004
Robert Lynn Day After Yesterday 2004
Tony Tuff How Long 2004
Yami Bolo Conspiracy 2004
Luciano Man Of Jah Order 2005
A Doeman Mighty Mighty High  
Abyssinians Mandela Part 2  
Abyssinians Mandela Version  
Abyssinians Satta Me No  
Augustus Pablo Pablo Satta  
Augustus Pablo Satta 3  
Augustus Pablo Satta Dub  
Augustus Pablo Silent Satta  
Beverley Bailey I Was In Love  
Big Joe Satta In The Palace  
Big Youth Dreader Than Dread  
Big Youth I Pray Thee  
Bongo Herman Thunderstorm  
Captain Barkey Jah Say So  
Cedric 'Im Brooks Satta  
Cedric 'Im Brooks & Sound Dimension Satta  
Clint Eastwood Faith Moves Mountains  
Clint Eastwood What A Wicked Act  
Courtney Melody Love Look In Your Eyes  
Destroyers Ah So  
Dillinger Addis Ababa Ethiopia  
Dillinger I Saw E Saw  
Dillinger Three Fifty Four  
Don Carlos Satta Massagana  
Freddie McGregor Rasta Have Faith  
Freddie McGregor Satta  
Glen Washington Jah Blessings  
Glen Washington They Say Love  
Hugh Mundell Satta  
I-Roy Holy Satta  
I-Roy I Pray Thee  
I-Roy It A Go Dread  
I-Roy Wicked Eat Dirt  
Jackie Mittoo Night In Ethiopia  
Jah Dickie Satta In A Rub A Dub Style  
Jah Satta Satta Me No Born Yah  
Jim Nastic & Papa Biggy & Ranking Joe Four Corners Of The World  
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes & Third World Satta Massagana  
Ken Boothe Satta Massa Gana  
Leroy Smart Jah Is My Light  
Leroy Smart Jah Is My Light  
Leroy Smart Life Is A Funny Thing  
Lone Ranger Judge Not  
LT Guide Me Oh Jah  
Mark Wonder Hail Israel  
Meditations Great Tribulation  
Michael Palmer Hold Me  
Ninjaman Motherless Child  
Pagu T One Way Street  
Papa San Trodding Along  
Prince Far I 354 Skank  
Prince Far I Jordan River  
Prince Far I Wisdom  
Prince Jazzbo Prophet Live  
Prince Mohammed Money Man The Gal Want  
Prince Mohammed Owner Fe Di Yard  
Prophets Sattamassagana  
Ranking Dread Give Praise First  
Singing Melody Sweet And Tender  
Sugar Minott Jah Children  
Tappa Zukie Sata Mass Gona  
Third World Satta Massa Ganna  
Tommy McCook Mandella  
Trinity Psalms  
Trinity Sams  
Viceroys Shadrack, Meshach And Abendego
Winston Wright Rebeloution  
[Dub Ken Boothe] Satta Dub  
[Dub Prince Far I] Homeward Bound  
[Dub] Prophet Dub - Satta